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The current proposal, developed by McKinstry and McBride Architecture, will be implemented in the following sequence:  [see diagram at beginning of these drawings]

The first step will be to construct new main risers in the unused space in the trash rooms.  This will involve core-drilling through the concrete floor slabs.  On the lower floors there will be two risers, one that serves the 7th floor and below, the second riser that serves the 8th floor and above.

Once the risers are in place, lateral distribution loops will be placed in the hollow ceiling spaces of three floors: 7, 15 and 23.

Those loops will distribute piping to either four or six “drop” locations - from which the water flows down to serve each floor, except for floors 24 - 26 where the water drops up.  Those drops then branch out to each unit. 

The final step will be to replace the piping within each unit.  Most of the plumbing fixtures can be accessed from the corridor walls, but that will mean temporary breaching of the fire separation that those walls provide.

The town homes and other special areas will be done last and in a more conventional manner.